Issus about stability

  • i used before pfsense on vmware on win server 2003 for multiwan but was not stable
    i wonder if i used pfsense on real pc will be satble , or need to reinstall after some weeks

    does i need to reinstal every time make some changes as ( chang network card )
    please in need answer

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you have stable hardware and use Intel NICs then you should have no problems. I haven't had any unstability on any pfSense box (that I didn't induce myself!  ;)) I've used.

    What hardware are you planning to use?


  • i looking for pc have 4 nic card + 1( butin card ) because i used multiwan ( 3 adsl line )
    i found dell pc ( possessor 3 cash 512 - 512 ram ddram1 )
    can i see better performance if i used beter pc

    i see vlans setup here in forum but i did not understand well , if any one have visual explain ( video ) can help me to use vlans, i can buy better pc


  • Please, stick with unformatted text - bold red isn't necessary

    You might see better performance, but it really depends on a long list of things like the bandwidth you're supporting, how many users (and what they do) and so on… There really isn't a simple answer without a lot more information.

  • im using pfsense fo loadblancing ,and mikrotik for giving internet to users
    by hotspot and ppoe

    im looking for best peformance