What the heck does dynamic gateway mean

  • So I have 3 connections, anyway one gets internet from a dsl modem/router combo.

    I had DHCP on before and it gave me an ip of to pfsense, which is fine, pfsense reported the ip and all.

    Then on the dsl modem/router it said I should disable it if I have a router, since I would prefer pfsense to tell me the wan ip of it anyway.
    I did that, now pfsense just says for where the ip should be of the gateway, DYNAMIC.
    What does that mean?

    I turned on an old firewall rule that forces my computer to run on the dsl modem, but it still just goes through my comcast line.

    What's going on

    Also on the homescreen it shows an ip of, but on the status ->gateways it says it's online WAT IS DIS

  • EDIT even tried plugging into pc, couldn't get an ip.
    I just put it in PPOE and is all good ;p

  • You need to put the DSL box into bridge mode.  Then setup the interface in pfSense to use PPPoE and supply the DLS credentials in pfSense.