Ping response issues

  • Hi

    I have 2 WAN connections from my pfSense box.

    One is via a "Normal" consumer DSL service, with a dynamic IP, it's own router, service the private space to the WAN interface on pfSense.

    The other has multiple static IP's (not a subnet, just several IPs) bridged directly to a VLAN. One of these is assigned to my WAN2 interface, another to my web-facing server.

    I tried, initially, to bridge this to a DMZ, which would allow me to traffic shape etc. all traffic going out on both WANs, but this did not work correctly (on 2.0RC2). During the upgrade to 2.0 release, therefore, I abandonned the bridge and went to the setup descibed above. This still showed the same issues, but at least allowed my web-facing server to continue working.

    I then disabled the gateway monitoring, and it worked better.

    Basically, this gateway sees lots of packet loss. I have attached graphs from f8lure, the service I use to monitor my connection, but the same is seen from the boxes out, too. pfsense.png is the graph for the pfsense box, svr for the web-facing server.

    These both use the same connection, so I can't see how there could be packet loss on only one up to the interfaces. I have tried different network cables, different network cards, and a different external IP and none have cured the problem.

    This manifests itself with the gateway flapping up and down (when monitoring is on). I cannot do load balancing because the interface looks so unstable.

    Does anyone have any idea what's causing this? It is getting towards the point of me abandonning pfSense altogether, as I had no problems with other solutions, but I do not want to do this due to the additional features in pfSense.

    Luckily this is a home system, so (as long as I keep it so SWMBO doesn't loose access to the interwebz) I can play to my heart's content to try fixing it, but I am at a loss (pun intended) at the moment.

    Thanks in advance

  • You probably want to look at changing the monitoring to a different IP for the links that seems to be flapping:

    System: Gateways: Edit gateway: Monitor IP

  • Thanks SeventhSon, but this doesn't appear to be the problem. As I said, I have even tried disabling the monitoring. I have tried several monitor IPs. And the graphs shown are with monitoring disabled, from and external network monitor.

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