Hide my pfsense page form my users

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    I want to hide my pfsense page( form my users.Is it possible. I want that only i can access the pfsense page and my users cant able to access the pfsense page even users cannot identify that In my INTERNET setup i am using pfsense box.Plz help me i am new on pfsense.

  • try this setup:

    • backup your config

    • create an alias with your dns hostname

    • create a rule on lan that permits https connection to pfsense only from this alias

    • apply rules

    • disable antilock option on system -> advanced

    If you have static ip address, you can skip first step and assing your ip on second step

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    sir. please explain me this in detail and with pictures because i am new on pfsense. i am not an expert. sir plz plz help me

  • take a look on doc.pfsense.org

    There will be a lot of examples on doing these steps.