Config file recovery

  • My pfsense refuse to boot recently after a system update. (kernel not found  … ???)

    I bought a new CF card (in the hope to recover the config file) and reinstall pfsense 4g on it.

    Is there a way that i can browse the old CF card to recover my config file ?

  • Success. I plug my cf card on a usb cf card reader and plug it on my pfsense and mount it. I can the browse to the config file an than upload it to a ftp server to reload it again in te web GUI.

    But now i have some problems with the packages. I apply the new config file on the pfsensestock image and then try to reinstall the package. but doing this broke my pfsense wo refuse to boot after du to missing files.

    Do i have to reinstall and the packages before applying my old config file ?

  • yes, that's the best way, install packages and then restore config.

  • ok thanks for the fast reply