3 questions

  • Sorry but I'm not very good at speaking English.

    I spent some time reading articles in this board just a few moments ago.
    But I still don't understand something.

    First: Why are there two targets in any traffic rule? ???

    See this:
    I had read this topic but it doesn't help much.
    Besides, I don't think that the two targets have anything to do with something like ACK flag and ToS. :)
    Am I wrong ???

    Second: What is the exact meaning of "Bandwidth"?

    See this:
    In this topic dusan said that "Bandwidth" is just a shortcut for Linkshare curve's m2.
    But many queues generated by EZ Shapre wizard which has 1% bandwidth could still exceeded that.
    Why ???

    And third: How to set link share?

    I had read this:
    But it doesn't state very clearly, if I have two computers, say C1 and C2.
    I create two queues for them (let's make things easy, consider only about uploading)
    q1 is the uploading queue for C1, and q2 for C2.
    What I want is, when two of the computers are using networks, they got 50-50.
    But when one of them is ideal, and the other is using, he got 100%.

    I set q1:
    Upper limit m2=100%
    Real time m2=50%
    Link share m2=100%

    same as q2

    Is that right ???

    Or I have to set link share to 50% because 50 + 50 = 100 ???

    Thank you for reading this, oh ya I really like pfSense, haha~ ;D

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