Throughput problems with Atom-setup

  • I'm trying to sort out my low throughput using an Atom system.

    The board is an Intel D945GCLF2D (Atom 330 dualcore 1,6GHz), the nics are the onboard plus an Intel MT dual gigabit in the PCI slot.

    Im running a ClearOS-box as main router at the moment, but have always been loving pfsense so im messing around a bit before replacing the clearos-box :) When behind the clearos-box (which is a core2duo@2,8ghz~) I get like 110/15Mbit on my 100/10Mbit connection.

    When I first powered the Atom-setup up with pfsense I was behind the clearos network, just for testing (internet->clearos->pfsense(atom-box)->my workstation). I got great results, same as behind the clearos-box (around 105/15Mbit~) and a low cpu-usage around 20% when full DL with torrents and like 200 connections.

    After a while I release one of my IP's from my ISP and tested Internet->pfsense(Atom-setup)->Workstation and now my results are way lower, like 70/10Mbit. The stange thing is that cpu-usage is still very low and nothing indicates on some sort of overload. When putting the pfsense-box behind the clearos-box again the speeds are back to 105/15~.

    Any clues? I guess its because the clearos-box is doing all the routing but wouldn't the Atom manage my connection without any problems? :o


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    EDIT: Strange, now is everything back to normal when directly connected to my fiberconverter(?)

  • Maybe you has speed negotiation problems on first try.

    Nice setup you heave.

  • @marcelloc:

    Maybe you has speed negotiation problems on first try.

    Nice setup you heave.

    Well, something strange anyhow :p could not understand why the speeds were poor directly connected to the net and good when switching back and forth behind the clearos-box.. :p

  • check interface speed and duplex, there are some posts explaining how to force a specific speed and duplex mode.