DHCP issue after bridging an interface

  • I run two internal interfaces, my LAN (x.x.0.1) and the WIFI (x.x.2.1).  Both had their seperate DHCP setting and static assignments.  I had some issues with moving computers around here, so for a temporary solution, bridging the WIFI network to the LAN would solve the issue.  Once WIFI was bridged, the WIFI tab in the DHCP server screen was gone, not a big deal, it makes sense to be gone.

    The problem is once I bridged WIFI, all the devices on the LAN and WIFI interfaces are being assigned an old WIFI IP address (x.x.2.x), gateway, dns, etc.  I had to unbridge the WIFI interface, disable WIFI DHCP and rebridge WIFI to LAN to solve the issue.

    What I'm trying to get at is would it be a good idea to automatically disable the DHCP server on the interface once it becomes bridged?

  • Yes, that is a bug.  Please file a ticket at cvstrac and assign it to me.

  • Ticket 1281

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