Upgrade issue… strange behavior

  • I have used pfsense for many years, but latly there has been a strange issue..
    I upgraded all my firewals to x64 edition version 2.

    then the version 2.01 came, and I let the "auto update function" update the installation… but it didnt update the x64 edition
    it updated to the x86 version og 2.0.1

    how come that the installation will do this.... I would sugest that you fix this bug, I would also want to know if I can update back to 64 bit edition without haveing to travel to where those firewalls are located....

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It will update to whichever version you selected the updates for. By default the internal URL it checks includes the architecture, but if you had the auto-update URL set for i386 it will use that.

  • it was set for amd64….

    on all 4 firewalls.....

    still the "upgrade" installed the x86 edition

    one of the firewalls was even a fresh install, everything set up from scratch..... (not imported any previous setups...)

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