Country IP Blocks IPv6 ACLs

  • At Country IP Blocks we are actively developing many new projects. One of our newest projects is support for IPv6 addresses within our Database.

    We are in the process of testing our latest beta version of our IPv6 by country script and would appreciate it if some of you would test it and offer feedback. The beta version will only be available on the website for a few days.

    You can test the script here.

    We are currently outputting the IPv6 data by country or countries. In our final version we will also provide the data by continent.

    Please post your feedback here or send us a note to



  • moved this over to the IPv6 board where it may get more attention from those of us who use v6.

    One thing with IPv6, it reduces the usefulness of country-restricting. It's easy to get free IPv6 space in many different countries from a number of different tunneling providers. Though not that country restrictions ever stopped any targeted attack, one can just as easily own something in another country on v4 and route through it. It's great for blocking various abuse, but not targeted attacks, and v6 lowers the barrier for bypassing such measures.

    Are you also doing v6 bogons? Same as my comments on the v4 bogons thread for that, we're fully dual stack with AAAA's for all our A's in our primary datacenter (95% of what we host). I would be willing to at least toss in a block rule right above our default deny to see what it would have blocked that we're blocking anyway, as an initial test. We're also using Cymru's list for v6 bogons, auto-updated far more frequently than we've needed to update v4 (including 6+ years ago when there actually was a changing Cymru v4 bogons list).