Using online IP checker to test Multi-WAN?

  • Hi all,

    I think i've successfully got multi-wan working this evening, in summary:

    Configured two WAN interfaces (2 different ISP's)
    Can Successfully ping both public IP's (e.g and hostnames ( through both WAN's
    Added the WAN's to a gateway group, both at Tier 1 for equal load balancing.
    Updated my default 'LAN net' rule to route via. the new gateway group.

    When I use an online IP checker to check what connection my request was sent from I sometimes see ISP 1 and other times ISP 2 but I can't establish a definitive pattern.  i.e. if i go to and sit there hitting refresh in my browser the IP never changes, is this not a reliable way of testing?

    I have done a 'cable pull' on one of the WAN routers and pfSense does failover to the other link so it's just load balancing thats exhibiting some peculiar behaviour.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Open a different browser (or close the browser and reopen) between tries. So long as the browser holds a connection open, the IP won't change.

  • In our case, we can see high traffic on both WAN but we never see our ip change using an online IP checker. We also tried using different browsers and computers but still it uses a single IP address.

  • I often try with and zooming on a map. This way traffic passes all my WANs.

    but this page is working for me:

  • Yesterday I've set my Multi-WAN load balancer and when I'm using on Firefox hitting Ctrl+F5 it works instantly toggling with my two IPs.

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