Squid Redirection

  • Currently I have squidguard redirecting my blacklist to a HTML "blocked" page stored on my freeNAS box, but there has to be another way? I did some digging and came across a post saying that I could mess with /usr/local/www/sgerror.php, but as I don't speak php, this made my head hurt. Is there a simple way I can move the html file and the image it uses onto pfsense so everything is local. There is a delay while freeNAS spins a drive up that bother's me, pfsense has an SSD ;D  THANKS!

  • try this setup:

    • Disable webConfigurator redirect rule on system -> advanced ->admin access tab

    • Be sure that your pfsense gui could be found on port 80

    • create a custom error page and put it on /usr/local/www pfsense dir

    • Test page with http://pfsense_host_or_ip/your_error_page.php_or_html

    • Config squidguard to redirect erros to this page you've configured

  • Call me stupid but I suddenly have a new problem. I am logging in with WinSCP to try to copy the files into the directory you mentioned, but access is denied when trying to insert the files. What gives, there is only one user, and its the system admin?

  • Nevermind, got it working. Logging in as root helps. Thanks for the info, everything is great now. BTW, didn't need to change to port 80, I just specified the same port my GUI uses in the squidguard blacklist config. I don't know why, but I feel using a port other than 80 adds some additional layer of protection. I know that the port number change up is miniscule, but it fools passing probes on the internet. Thanks for the pointer again, I had no clue it was that simple…