Moving from Full HDD Install to Flash / nano BSD

  • I have a question

    I currently run 2.0 on a Dell 2900 installed on the HDD
    I like to move the Firewall to a different box running off an USB Stick using the nanbsd version


    backup settings on old box
    I have only the OpenVPN Client Export Toll package installed
    Install embedded version on the new box
    restore settings

    Any issues i should be aware off ?

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    If that's the only package you have installed, it should be a smooth transition. There shouldn't be any problems.

  • Thanks !

  • As jimp mentioned, the process is fairly smooth and simple if you don't have other packages installed.

    However, you will probably have to reassign the interfaces and such so you would want to setup the new box separately and ensure that everything is done and working fine before taking down the old box.

    You may need to configure the new box 'WAN' to accept Private subnets on the interface on the first boot if you're connecting it to your existing LAN subnet so that it can perform the download of the package when restoring the configuration.

    You can disable Private subnets on the WAN after you have successfully reinstalled the package and done your testing.

  • I will do a "cold swap"
    Take down the present Firewall and keep it intact
    Test the new one and if everything works well stay on the new one

    I have a quad Port Intel Card in the present Firewall and will move that one to the new box

    Thank for help