Is my Vaio FXA36 laptop pfsense compatible?

  • I've got an old Vaio laptop I want to try. Does anyone see anything in these specs that just screams "not compatible"?
    Anybody here ever run pf on a FXA36 before?  I could add a couple pcmcia ethernet cards with dongles if you guys think it'll work.  My current firewall/GW solution: A Buffalo wireless AP/router with the DD-WRT firmware, 200mhz mips cpu, & 16mb ram is choking a little bit on the QOS.  I'm giving her all she's got captin!!  Anyhow,there's probably no more than 8 users on my home network.  I want to do QOS, A/V, Maybe snort and nessus…  Just try things out.  How much horsepower you think i need? I'd like to re-appropriate the old laptop  for this if possible.

    MotherBoard: Q3-Project (1A)
    Display Size: 15
    Hardrive Size: (GB) 20
    Memory: (MB) 512mb
    Processor speed (MHz) 1000mhz
    Processor Model: Athlon (P)
    PowerNow! Support: Yes
    ATI Rage Model: M1
    Video Memory (MB): 8
    Bios Recommended Version: R0121K5

    <controller chipset="">  <model>USB (2 ports): Via USB (Ver1.1) Controller
    Modem: Conexant-Ambit Soft56K (HSF1 WinModem) Data, Fax
    Ethernet: RealTek RTL8139CL (broken off. will buy 2 pcmcia dongle nics instead)
    PC Card: (PCMCIA 2 Type II) TI PCI-1420 Cardbus Controller
    Pointing Device: Alps Touchpad
    IEEE 1394 (firewire): TI OHCI Compliant
    Audio: Via AC'97
    CDRW: Matshita UJDA710
    Bios: Phoenix
    Chipset: Northbridge Via VT8363A KT133A
    Chipset: Southbridge Via VT82C686B
    IDE Controller (EIDE) Integrated into Southbridge  ATA100</model></controller>

  • I don't see anything that stands out that will keep you from running pfSense. I would say download it and give it a try. You can boot into the CD without installing anything and that will tell you if pfSense will work on your laptop.

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