Edimax EW-7722in on pfsense 2.0.1 ?

  • hi, is  Edimax EW-7722in working with pfsense 2.0.1 as acess point ?
    i know the table with drivers from pfsense but i am new in all of this , can please tell me if is compatible ? thanks

  • @bmironb:

    hi, is  Edimax EW-7722in working with pfsense 2.0.1 as acess point ?

    It appears the EW-7722in has a PCI chipset newer than one supported by the ral driver. I suspect this is not the device for you (yet?).

    802.11n is not yet supported in FreeBSD/pfSense. Some readers of these forums have reported success with Atheros based devices operating in 802.11g compatible mode.

  • then, can someone show me from here an compatible device on pci slot : http://www.cel.ro/wireless/   (no comercial but i buy in past an usb adapter and it was not compatible i don't want to make the same mistake also site is from my country)  please help

  • Your previous post about the USB adapter (http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,44450.0.html) said a detachable antenna was a requirement for the USB adapter. Is a detachable antenna a requirement for the PCI adapter?

    I have a TP-Link TL WN651D PCI device with detachable antenna and it has worked in my pfSense box since version 1.2.3. This appears to have been superseded by the WN350GD. A quick look through the driver source code suggests it should be recognised by the ath driver but I don't have a WN350GD to try. One forum reader reported their WN350GD card wasn't recognised by pfSense 2.0

  • ok, then i will buy an wifi router and plug it/set it on lan interface, i don't wan't to risk again to not work:D,also can buy with n interface, thanks

  • I have this card and am trying to make it work with 2.0.1 (x32).  I can get the drivers to compile on my Ubuntu 10.0.4, but not a FreeBSD 8.2 box.  Running make on  FreeBSD generates about 50 error messages similar to

    "Makefile", line 44: Missing dependency operator
    "Makefile", line 46: Need an operator

    Makefile has this at line 44

    ifeq ($(TARGET),LINUX)
    MAKE = make

    Why can't I build these drivers on my FreeBSD box, but i can on my Ubuntu one?

    I copied the rt3562sta.ko (made in Ubuntu x32) to my pfsense box to /boot/kernel and kldload rt3562.ko results in  "kldload: can't load rt3562sta.ko: Exec format error"


  • FreeBSD is not Linux. In particular, the interfaces of kernel modules such as device drivers to the rest of the kernel are very different.

    The Linux driver will need substantial modification to work on FreeBSD.

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