Port alias as host alias (problem/bug) after upgrading from 1.2.3

  • Scenario

    • Many port aliases with EMPTY port description field.
    • At pfSense 1.2.3 it was impossible to have empty port description fields because WebGUI puts date/time comment for the added port. But, some aliases came from a version before 1.2.3 and description fields where empty.
    • Upgraded to 2.0.1 loading 1.2.3 config.xml


    • Aliases with EMPTY port description field are converted to a host alias (?)
    • The firewall seems to work correctly.
    • I discovered the problem when I wanted to edit a NAT that used one of the problematic aliases.


    • Reedit all problematic aliases. To fill port description field not necessary. WebGUI fill it with date/time comment.


    Josep Pujadas

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Those aliases did not have a <type>field in your config, so the GUI defaulted to whatever was first in the drop-down, Host. The lack of description was just a coincidence.

    Those must have been from quite an old version of pfSense, or added in manually without a type tag. Even 1.2 encoded the type=port when saved.

    Nothing can be done for those except what you stated, make sure the proper type is selected in the GUI, then save, and it will fix itself.</type>

  • Ok, thanks!

    Those must have been from quite an old version of pfSense.

    Sure. I'm using pfSense for the last 5 years. I did many upgrades !!!

    I didn't edit manually any alias.


    Josep Pujadas

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