I would like to reach my modem which is in bridge

  • On my multi-LAN/WAN pfsense I have 3 modems that are in bridge.
    2 of them are configured as DHCP and 1 in PPPoE.

    I still would like to reach the local webif of these modems.

    2 of them are on
    1 is on

    Can I do this by using the pfsense's webif?

  • Thanks…..

    The problem is that I didn't switch to AON (Advanced Outbound NAT) and the router can't afford any downtime for at least a month or I will get lynched.....
    I am already able to ping my modem from the pfsense console....

    The Wiki does need some updating as you now can choose for an "IP alias" in 2.x

    Can't the "Automatic Outbound NAT" be changed so it can create these rules as well??

  • 2.01 now has an entry for ipalias.
    Could someone please update the wiki to reflect this?
    I think it doesn't need the manual entry of the extra IP on the interface.
    I'm not sure though as I wasn't able to make it work.
    My PPP-router was easy and that one is working.
    I can ping my router on from the console, but the NAT-line, which is working for the PPP-modem, doesn't seem to work.

    I still have the pfsense on automatic most of the time, because little things like VoIP with siproxd doesn't work properly.
    It's confusing as I did a comparison of pfctl -sa in both cases..

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