Aliases, ports, routed through specific WAN's

  • So I have this idea to manage my own little bit of traffic shaping.  I've found that even through the traffic shaping wizard that stopping p2p traffic is virtually impossible.  Even smart torrent clients will eventually find a different port to run on.  One that isnt blocked.

    What I want to do is create an alias for all KNOWN good ports. All the typical ports people use throughout the day.  I want to create a rule on the firewall that routes all of this traffic out the high bandwidth WAN.

    I then want to create a NOT rule on the firewall saying that all that NOT KNOWN ports go out a very slow WAN.

    Now, I can create an alias which only contains ports.  However I cannot choose that alias when specifying ports from the firewall rule.  This makes an alias based on ports useless.

    Anyone run into this also?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Port aliases work fine, just remember two things

    1. Make sure in the alias that the type selector is on 'Port(s)'
    2. The port drop-down on the firewall rule should be on From (other) / To (other).

    Then the field should be hilighted in red, indicating an alias may be used. Then just start typing and it'll autocomplete.

    Also you don't need to have two aliases like that, just one. Rules are processed from the top-down, first match wins, so what you want is the same as:

    pass from lan to *:goodports, use FastWAN
    pass from lan to :, use SlowWAN

  • You are correct sir.  thank you very much!

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