Peruserbw package aviable?

  • I read in the blog that the peruserbw package has been readded, but in trac it seemes to be removed again. Just to clarify, is there a chance that it could be in 1.2? Can a bounty help here?


  • I think it's too late to be considered to go to 1.2. Actualy we'll start a feature freeze on what will become 1.2 and move to beta around this weekend. The reason it was removed is that dummynet still doesn't work without issues. When we tested it several days ago it first seemed to work and that is why the package has been readded, however it is not really stable so we removed it for now again.

  • It was "working" with the pfil ordering patch but the kernel became unstable and would panic every 3-4 minutes.  Not exactly something we want to roll out without additional work being put into it.

    I plan on talking to a few folks during BSDCan to see what we can do.

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