ALTQ or PF question

  • hello

    i found this line in my logs:

    Apr 8 09:07:59 php: There were error(s) loading the rules: pfctl: DIOCADDALTQ: Cannot allocate memory - The line in question reads [ DIOCADDALTQ]:

    Is there limited number of rules or queues in traffic shapper?

    i made a small modification in file /etc/inc/ and this error disappears.
    /* –------------
                                  $ipfrules .= "anchor {$queue['name']} tagged {$queue['name']}\n";
                                    $ipfrules .= "load anchor {$queue['name']} from "{$g['tmp_path']}/{$queue['name']}.rules"\n"

    is this "anchor thing" required?

  • HFSC is limited to 64 queues IIRC.

  • okej, so i have a question.

    is there any possibility to shape upload bandwith for 300 users (128kbit/s per user)….
    if not... this situation will change at release 1.2 of pfsense?

  • You want to add a queue per user for 300 users? ALTQ is not the right shaper to do this. Maybe as long as dummynet doesn't work in pfSense (this won't change for 1.2) m0n0wall would better suite your needs.

  • thank very much… so i will try m0n0wall

  • With m0n0wall you can create one pip and make it a per source or destination pipe. This is much easier with dummynet than with altq.

  • @sullrich:

    HFSC is limited to 64 queues IIRC.

    sorry no IIRC is this a kernel complie problem or is this a HFSC ALTQPROBLEM

  • #define HFSC_MAX_CLASSES        64


    Not sure what would happen when you raise the limit but I have heard others have had success in doing so.

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