My Pfsense Squid get crashed again and again

  • Dear Experts,
    My Squid gets crashed twice, this time is is allowing the users to surf internet completely without any restriction. Even if their IP is not present then too users are able to surf. What is the requirement for Group ACL, How many ACL's can we make and how many IP's can we allow for internet

    Prashant Chauhan

  • @Cry:

    Partial duplicate

    Dear Havok,
    I know this is duplicate but no one is answering my queiry, Please get the answer as i cannot make new servers everytime.

    Prashant Chauhan

  • With so little information nobody will be able to help.

    Start with detailing what version number of pfSense and what version number of Squid. What firewall rules are in place to stop people bypassing Squid? What is in the system logs? Are you also using SquidGuard? How, if at all, does this relate to your other question?

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