Can't create port forward for my Cctv

  • Can anyone help me on the Port forward for my cctv. I try to create the port forward into the NAT but fail.

  • A little more than "fail" is required if you want people to help you. At the very least a confirmation that you've worked through the documentation, what version of pfSense you're using and exactly what your problem is.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yeah some details of what port(s) and what your IP your trying to send it too and easy walk you through it.. To be honest you should only have to create the NAT, firewall rule should be created for you automatically.

    So unless your behind a double nat, or ports are blocked before they get to your pfsense - creating the forward should take all of a few seconds.

    Unless your on some weird setup multiple wan, double nats, etc.  should be pretty freaking straight forward.  But without some details to work with its hard to help you.

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