Soekris lan1741

  • Hello,

    I am new to pfSense, and new here.

    Trying to build up an Atom based router, with several NICs. The motherboard has only 1 eth port, and in fact I need 4.. So I bought a soekris lan1741 nic (4 ports), plugged it in, booted pfSense 2.0 . pfSense only sees the motherboard eth port, and 1 port (of the 4) on the soekris card.
    Anyone could give me a starting point for having all the eth ports work?



  • Netgate Administrator

    At what point in the install does it only see 2 interfaces?
    If you have finished the install and have only WAN and LAN then you will need to assign the other three interfaces before you can use them.
    The four Soekris interfaces should appear as vr0, vr1, vr2 and vr3.


    Edit: This doesn't look good. What motherboard are you using?

    Edit: A further clue, here.

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