Failover over serial port / over usb?

  • Hello all again,

    I have problem finding affordable multi port NICS, so I thought I could make pfSense failover through something else than ethernet.
    Is it possible to make the failover work through serial port ? Or may someone advice me for an usb-ethernet adapter that I could
    use on both my pfSense boxes as the NIC used for the failover?

    Thanks in advance,



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, it can't fail over over serial, and USB ethernet is asking for trouble.

    You can use VLANs, just need to get a managed switch that can use VLANs (like the Netgear GS-108T) then you can use it like a port multiplier… could be up to 7 extra NICs (1 trunk port with 7 VLANs, and each port could be on its own VLAN) or anywhere in between.

  • There are really cheap Intel MT dual nic on Ebay… (PCI-x)
    They work great!

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