Is This A Problem With The pfsense_ng Theme?

  • I don't know if this is normal, or the pfsense_ng theme is suppose to be centered, here's a screen shot showing off centered to the left;

    If this is the way it's suppose to be, I hope this can be made to center, I really hate this off center look and it's the nicest theme too…


  • might be your resolution, hold control and press + a few times and see what happens

  • Sorry I didn't mention I'm using this under VirtualBox, but I didn't really think this would bother centering of a theme, since that seems more css related types of things, because change resolution should not be moving a theme from off center to centered, seems to be a coding issue going on here…

    Yes I can do ctrl + but then I'm wondering is this to big, how the default look is suppose to be, personally it looks a little to big now... :(


  • I mean the resolution of the computer thats accessing the web interface.

    I just checked on several systems I use/manage and if the resolution of my screen/browser is too big, they show like your screenshot, I have one where the host name is so long (not much) that you cant read the full host name without doing a control -.

  • Hmm ok, but this is not correct…

    This looks like it's just HTML/CSS/JAVA web design/code(s) and some other types of coding I might of overlooked, but changing resolutions is not suppose to shift things around.

    If the theme is suppose to be centered, then it's suppose to stay centered no matter the resolution... :)

    –>  By the way Ctrl + will only keep the page I'm on zoomed in and centered, as soon as I leave it and click to another section I'm back to where I started… :(


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