Bandwidth limit rooms in pfsense

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    I have pfsense box. I want to make 4 rooms. The first room has 5 GB volume limit having speed 4MB. Second room has 10 GB volume limit having speed 2MB and vice versa.
    The user first live in room no.1. If he users internet too much and cross the limit of room no.1 then pfsense send this user in room n0.2 and vice versa.
    Is this possible in pfsense?????if yes then how?
    Explain me in detail and pictures. I am new on pfsense.

  • That is really complex what you want to realize, but some things can be done:

    1.) do you mean "users" when you mean room ?
    If yes, then you should enable captive portal on pfsense. You should create 4 users with different username/passwords. then when someone wants to connect to internet he/she needs to enter the username/password.

    2.) On pfsense Captive Portal you can enable bandwidth the users are allowed to use. but this means that all users have the same upload/download.

    3.) You should install freeradius2 package in addition. this will give you the possibility to enable an ammount of traffic (upload/download) for each user. after the user reached the ammount of traffic he cannot reconnect.

    BUT sending a user to another "room" after this person reached the ammount of traffic this can't be solved by pfsense as far as I know.

  • One suggestion, but this would require some work, is to have some external process that monitors the usage of each user. When they reach their cap, this process should then send a disconnect to RADIUS which disconnects the user.
    But before it does the disconnect it should switch the users class(room in this example) and this class will have the relevant attributes required to shape the user to the require speed. So when the user reconnects the new speeds are sent to pfSense for shaping.

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