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  • I have used PFSense for a great while now but i have a few (more or less) questions

    I have DSL and Cable. I would like my DSL to accept all incoming, as it has a static IP and is currently being used for only my server. I would like this setup like so

    DSL Download Balanced with Cable Download
    Cable Upload for whatever and DSL upload for Server hosting

    I guess what I am saying is that I only want my downloads load balanced, and my uploads separate so that when they go to my address it goes through to the server. Wait, wouldnt that be it anyways? if they went to my DSL WAN IP, its only the DSL that they will see? hmm…. this is getting confusing... I could live fine with the DSL on its own... but i want the server to be in the same network and not have my 6Meg DSL download wasted on a server that dosent use it.

    Network is setup like this

    DSL Modem---------Server

    If you have ideas on how to mix these Like this

    DSL Modem -------PFSense--------Switch----------Computers/Server
    Cable ------------/

    and pass only my DSL WAN IP to my server that would be great.

    forgive me... I think and post



  • Have a look at http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi-Wan/Load-Balancing . It covers the part for the outgoing loadbalancing part. The incoming portforwards for your server is just the same like when using single WANs.

  • OK i was wondering if its possible, and that seems to make it so! thanks for your help

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