I got alots of questions to ask to see if pfsense can do this or not

  • Hey Guys
    I am thinking about using pfsense for my core/edge router for my WISP and I would like to know if pfsense would be able to handle all this at one on x86 machine:

    I planning on using this machine to do multi wan with 2 wideband 50/5 coax connections and 3 dsl connection that are 7 meg each and I wanted to know if I do load balancing with this setup but I want the wideband be the primary connection and the dsl connection be a backup connection but how would I set this up in pfsense?

    2nd I want to do QoS for my voip also on along with load balancing but dont know how I would set this all up in pfsense.

    3rd I want pfsense to do firewall also.

    I also want to know what is the maximum bandwidth pfsense can handle all at one time while doing multi wan setup?

    I also want to know if pfsense can handle full class C public IP addresses or not?

    I am hoping to get 300-400 customers on this system but what kind of system requirements I am looking at for this type of setup?

  • pfsense can do all.

    The performance will depend on your hardware.

    I suggest a dual pfsense working with fail-over hardware using carp. I prefer x64 installs.

    You might have problems with multi ppoe links with same gateway.

  • Marcelloc
    what do you mean by dual pfsense like 2 separate machines or what? Because this will be going to a powercode BMU then out to wireless links then to my other towers.

  • Two machines with carp sync and fail-over.

  • How would I set that up then?

  • Follow on of these tutorials



    For other features you need, search forum and doc.pfsense.org

    You will find almost all info you need to configure pfsense.

  • Well that first link is no good no text or anything on that so better go back on that and fix it for the future ref.  So your basically saying set the 2 wideband connections on 1 machine and 3 dsl connections on the second machine then combine then at a ethernet switch then to powercode bmu then out to wireless links?

  • The carp on pfsense is implemeted for a full redundant firewall on fail over mode.

    Load balance can be done using carp, but it was not designed for That on current version.

    You configure all on pfsense1 and sync with pfsense2.

    Search for carp at doc.pfsense.org to find related doc.

    Direct url copy is not working

  • Alright I got a other question should I let pfsense do the full routing because I will be using this: http://www.powercode.com/hardware.php as my BMU and it can also at as a router from what I was told then at each of my towers I am going to have mikrotik routerboards.

  • Tim, what we are doing is using the pf box as a catch all / company firewall and 1:1 nat the BMU with our block of IPs and letting the bmu handle dhcp of the ips to our customers.

  • Well so how would I hand out my public IP's to my customers if the setup is like this:

    pfsense –--> BMU ----> routerboard ---->sectors
                                                  - to other towers with routerboards?

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