Proposed changes to pppoe-server

  • add gui fields for radius-acct-update
    ammend pptplog field name and include pppoe-server logins and logouts in here using the same vpn-linkup vpn-linkdown scripts

    extend pppoe_server and altq links to allow for automatic creation of queues and rules

    upgrade to mpd 4.02

    would like to know of users that use these features so i can see if it is worth suppling all the diifs

  • I am interested in the mpd 4.0.2 fixes since they have moved a lot of the files around.

  • well i will get testing  on this i doubt it will be in time for your 1.2 release but work begins now

  • just an update i have finished pptp server and pppoe server and am now finishing the pppoe client.

    i hope to have this finished this evening.

    will post the diffs on this then

  • patches attached to new ticket i would hope you could still make the changes i proposed the other week as well. as they are gui changes. if required or requested i could make similar gui changes to pptp server

  • have found a few more nice features here that  will add.
    (1) set the accounting update time
    (2) allow to add a second radius server for fail back
    (3) make all the changes to pptp server as well.

    hope to have these done inside a week

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