Multi WAN not using balancing as expected

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    I'm having trouble understanding how load balancing and multi WAN should be working.  Currently I have 3 WAN connections (GW_WAN, GW_OPT1, GW_OPT2), 1 for failover, the other two I want to be used approximately equally.  They have the same bandwidth available on each of them and are from the same ISP.
    I have two of them set up in "System: Gateway Groups" as Tier 3 priority and the failover as Tier 5.

    The issue I'm having is if I use sticky connections (or sticky connections with allow default gateway switching) then only GW_OPT1 is used with <25kbps traffic on GW_OPT2.
    If I don't use sticky connections then the traffic get shared a bit better but only about 10% of traffic goes through GW_OPT2.

    Is there some other settings that I should be looking at to accomplish what I want?

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    First, you should be using Tier 1/Tier 2, the higher tiers are only supposed to be used if no lower tiers exist.

    Second, that's how sticky works. It maintains a client<->gateway association, it doesn't care about the destination address.

  • Okay I switched to tier 1 and 2 only.  These still aren't working optimally.
    I've attached a picture that is very descriptive of the situation.
    All the traffic is on WANSHAW1 almost all time, except for a brief period when WANSHAW2 will be used.  It's not being balanced as expect.
    Presently about 95% of traffic will go to WANSHAW1.  Usually when I look at WANSHAW1 it is using <10 Kbps.

    Note: I have sticky connections enabled.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.  I also bought the old pfsense book a while ago so if there is something in there that I should be pointed towards, then let me know.

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