Site-to-Site PFSense 2.0 <-> Netgear FVG318

  • Hi everybody,
    after hours of testing I have a bit headacke…

    I want to establishe a Site-to-Site IPSec connection between 2.0.1-RELEASE (amd64) and a Netgear FVG318 Router.

    The PFSense site has a static public IP while the Netgear has a dyndns FQDN.

    I also tried with mobile clients settings - however without success.

    NAT - rules for port 500 and 4500 are set already.

    Can someone post a step by step how-to to establish the connection?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • what you need to do is basically on the pfsense box under IPSEC Phase 1, make the Peer identifier a distinguished name and then enter the Dyndns DNS name of the IP. Then on the Netgear box when you config the "My Identifer" could be called something else ie domain name instead of IP address, make sure that is also set to the DYNDNS Name? Make sense?

    Obviously then make the VPN configuration the same at both ends to establish a tunnel encrytion etc etc

  • I'm having the same problem! Did you work out on that?

    racoon: ERROR: failed to get sainfo.

  • I found out with the tipps on

    it worked as a charm!

    if u need some help about that give me more details about your issues…

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