Dual Wan Port Forwarding need help…

  • It seems like no matter what I try I just can't get this to work, I have a dual wan set up with 2 virtual IPs on the opt1 interface, I'm trying to forward port 53 from the opt1 to a computer on my network, and it just won't go.

    here are my forwarding settings


    | If | Proto | Ext. port range | NAT IP | Int. port range | Description |
    | OPT1 | TCP/UDP | 53 (DNS) |
    (ext.: xxx.x.xxx.12) | 53 (DNS) | DNS > DNS2 |

    and a Rule for opt1

    | Proto | Source | port | Destination | port | Gateway |
    | tcp/udp | * | * | | 53 (DNS) | * |

    but this combination that I would think would work to forward a port to the proper machine just doesn't seem to work.

    Can anyone help me?


    Just as a side note I'm getting a pass in my logs but nslookup is still timing out.

    pf: 1. 250123 rule 39/0(match): pass in on dc0: xxx.xxx.xxx.12.65163 > 22+[|domain]

    Another update everything works from outside the network on the internet but I can't access my webpages or dns on the external OPT1 Address from within my network, this is kind of a problem for me is there a way around this?

  • you can try turning on the nat reflection option on the gui
    but i beleve thats only for the wan ip not for vip ip's ??

  • Natreflectionm should work for VIPs as well if I remeber correctly. The only situation where it won't work is when using 1:1 NAT.

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