Dyndns or freedns working as proxy server ? how to

  • hello, at my work i nottice that internet is working only with one proxy server on specified port 21, proxy server added in internet explorer at settings lan -> proxy : ex: name.dyndns.org port 21, only in this way internet is working , my question is that i can make one dns like this and added in pfsense 2.0.1 and use it at work for internet , what i accomplished is to create an dns that i introduce in pfsense, i can enter in web gui from were i want, but how should i make this dns (settings on pf sense 2.0.1) and to work as proxy at work or were i want ?? traffic needed to be redirected ? please help

  • nobody can't help me to start proxy server on pfsense 2.0.1 and setup a freedns as proxy server and to share internet trough it ?

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