ADSL modem and PFsense 2.0

  • Hi all,

    I have the follewing setup:

    ISP -> 92.x.x.161 [WAN]Zyxel p660-D1 modem[lan] 92.x.x.161 -> 92.x.x.164 [WAN] Pfsense [LAN] -> 2 servers

    The modem works as a bridge. I have 5 IP addresses given by my ISP. I have to server with 2.1 addressen and DNS from my ISP. Works fine for accessing the internet from the servers.

    The problem is the other way around. I cannot acces the Pfsense from an outsides network (Office, home) i set up an PPTP server with a user.
    If im on the network i can VPN with windows to that IP with the user i addes myself. Only i cannot acces the PPTP from outside.

    When i check with if my 1723 is open on my 92.x.x.164 it says its open.

    I connect with VPN from windows to 92.x.x.164:1723 but no acces…


  • What rules you have on WAN and PPTP interfaces, how you have setup pptp server?
    Screenshots would be nice to have if possible.

  • I have Wan set to Allow Any. Same for PPTP.

    PPTP rules:

    WAN rules:

    PPTP server:

  • This is the log. It looks like it trys al kind of ports to acces the PPTP on the PFSense?

  • Try to create two rules on wan
    another with all any expect protocol, which is GRE and and another one with protocol TCP and destination port 1723

  • Did that. no luck! I can only still connect VPN from only within the LAN.

    Made 2 rules like you said.

    1- pass, WAN, GRE, any, any
    2- pass WAN TCP, any, any, any port range PPTP to PPTP

  • does your modem support pptp passthrough? is it enabled?

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