Yet another 2.0.1 update issue - box crashes, dumps.

  • Just a quick comment and question regarding the update to 2.0.1:

    I have a box that has run fine for years on the 2.0 tree, even when it was ALPHA-ALPHA code.  It ran fine on 2.0-Release for many months.  Once I updated to 2.0.1 (it's always been a full update, using the auto-updating  mechanism, on an Intel Pentium 4-based HP desktop) the box would dump every 3 days or so.  Going back to 2.0-Release about 8 days ago solved the crashing problem. I suspect the Atheros 5416 drivers may be the cause and upon dumping the console mentions something about a pending hardware failure or a hardware pre-failure.

    Is there any interest from the dev team on learning more about this problem.  I'll be happy to forward logs and upgrade the box to 2.0.1 again if it would help.

    Thoughts and comments are appreciated.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The OS, kernels, and drivers are identical on 2.0 and 2.0.1. The only change with crash dumps is that it will collect textdumps and reboot instead of leaving you at a db> prompt in some crashes.

    Very little changed, binary-wise between the two versions.

    Seeing the crash dump data would be essential to knowing what went wrong.

  • Jimp,

    Yeah, up for 19 days now on 2.0-Release with no issues.  So reverting back to 2.0 (with no config changes at all) fixed whatever my issue was.  I suspect it might just be that combination of hardware since I have 5 other boxen running 2.0.1 with no problems.

    If you'd like to investigate just tell me what you need.  I can reload that box with 2.0.1 whenever.


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