AT&T Microcell

  • Hello,

    I've seen four posts on these forums about using the AT&T Microcell with pfsense, but none of them show a solution. I've opened and forwarded the ports recommended by AT&T, but my Microcell can't create a tunnel to AT&T. If i take it to my office behind a Cisco firewall then it works ok.

    Has anyone here successfully got a Microcell to work with pfsense and if so can you share how you did it?



  • After many months I've just fixed this and realized the issue was not pfsense at all. With the correct ports set up in pfsense, my solution was to…

    1. log on to ATT website
    2. Deactivate my Microcell
    3. Wait 5 mins for it to deactivate properly (you know when it has as the web site no longer shows it as active)
    4. Reactivate Microcell on web site
    5. Plug in Microcell
    6. 60 mins later I got an email saying activation complete and both our phones now have MCELL connection


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