• Ok,
    I'm heart attack here… so we got WRAP board... first step getting the IP from the modem (WAN or sis1 port) and then successfuly assigning the IP and DNS info to the client on sis0 port (LAN) with DHCP marked LAN

    Now, assigning, new interface LAN2 to sis2 port....  bridring with LAN... and that is not working, no IP is assigned from DHCP...
    then seting the ip to the interface LAN2 -> and adding the DHCP to it called LAN2 DHCP with the IP pool different from the LAN DHCP...  trying to connect, getting the IP but no connectivity to the internet .... cant ping the modem

    Now I've tried all posible thing I think.. but its aint working so can somene help me here?