• Should the below work with pfsense:


    I have a speedtouch modem and have tried but not got it to work. If it should how should I be setting the pptp settings under WAN?

  • Hello Bilbo,

    We use a Draytek Vigor 120 as a passthrough dsl modem. It works absolutely flawless.

    In the Vigor you set VPI / VCI / VCMUX, then checkbox wired passthrough.
    This enabled you to login with your pfsensebox over PPoE. Enter your ISP credentials and the draytek handles PPoE to PPoA transition.

    WAN interface on pfsense will get the public address!


  • Yes, thanks I have seen them unfortunately a bit pricey for me at the mo.

    On a side note the speedtouch I have has the ability to ""assign public address to device" however pfsense cannot seem to access the internet when I do this even though it does indeed receive the public isp and gateway info according to the status window.

    Any ideas why this might be. Normal router mode private ip address to pfsense all is okay.

  • The new speedtouch modem don't seem to be working that well with pfsense config. What you could try with the speedtouch en pfsense is the following. (not a very nice solution but probably works!)

    Example settings!
    1. Make the speedtouch your WAN connection just as it would normally do. WAN has public / LAN is fixed
    2. Add an exposed host in your speedtouch:
    3. At the WAN of the pfsense enter a static IP /24 with gateway

    If the speedtouch has no exposed host search for NAT or DMZ and make sure all traffic is forwarded to

    This way your pfsense should be able to handle all firewall settings but be aware that due to the NAT in the speedtouch not all incomming traffic to the pfsense will work without problems. I mean when entering a NAT rule in the pfsense.

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