Question about penalty box

  • Hi,

    I use using pfSense 2.0.1 32 bit and I set up traffic shaping accordingly, with a penalty box ( my nas with rtorrent running on it ). Basically I needed to penalize the box for both upload and download ( by using ip address ) so that during voip calls ( SIP + SKYPE ) I won't have any sort of problem.

    _Once I finished the traffic shaping configuration, I found that in the Floating firewall rules, there was a new rule with the description "penalty box" as I was expecting. However I noticed that there were all "*" stars in the field like "source", "destination" and so forth. I was expecting the penalty boxes was recognized by IP address, that 's why I have been asked the ip address during the configuration of the traffic shaper.
    I have also tried to click on "edit" rule to see if there were anything in there, but the only relevant thing I spotted was near the bottom the policy of sending "such traffic" to the BLAH Queue.

    1. Is this normal ?
    2. If I need to add another penalty box, o trying to fix this very one, should I create two rules where the penalty box is source and in another one is the destination ? I believe this depends on what we want to shape, either the upload or the download or both. But maybe you can suggest me the best way to do it, considering this is a download station/p2p station.

    Thanks in advance.


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