Proxy Server package (squid3) bandwidth limits not working(?)

  • Hello,

    I have a value of 5120 kilobytes per second (around 5megs) set for "Overall bandwidth throttling" under the "Traffic Mgmt" tab.

    This does not seem to be helping as all threw out the day I see a fairly consistent usage of around 10-11 megs a second from the proxy server.  I've reset the system states and restarted squid without change.

    Should this setting be working?  As i understand it,  it should limited the total bandwidth squid will use to service clients.

    thanks again,

    in the image below, is the proxy service running on pfs.

  • am i the only one and no one else has experienced this?  8)

    I've completely removed and reinstalled the package,  and reconfigured.  same result.  values in that area do not affect overall bandwidth limiting from squid.

    no biggie,  i've addressed it else where but it would be a better fit to do it from within.


  • Squid3 is not fully updated, test this feature with squid 2 package.

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