Windows 7 Connection Issue (All others windows no probem)

  • 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386)
    built on Mon Dec 12 17:53:52 EST 2011
    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p6

    Firewall Rules - Both LAN and WAN , Allowed All

    Snort - Both emerging and snort rules , with minimum rules especially Torrent Blocking. (Block remove for every 5 minute with cron)

    Symptom -

    All Windows 7 client can't connect to internet once connected to Pfsense (IP provided by PFSense)
    From client , ping time out to Pfsense but replied to other client on local area network.

    And one more thing ,  I have linux on virtualbox in my windows 7 notebook , while windows 7 can't connect to the internet , my linux can surf the net via bridged network (which both windows and linux getting different ip )

    Really appreciate if anyone can suggest me any solution

  • Hi,

    I can only suggest to check the firewall settings in windows 7:

    As well as checking/changing the network profiles in windows 7:


  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    Actually in the beginning I have tried both way ( and I am lucky it did not work , if it work , imagine I need to re configure a few hundred client that attached to my network).

    I do believe the issue should be solve at either network side or server side , not client.

  • Did you check the windows system really was assigned an IP address by pfSense and didn't just acquire an autoconfig IP address? (You might have needed to release and renew the DHCP lease on the Windows system.)

    What is the ouput of the Windows shell command ipconfig /all and what is the output of the pfSense shell command ifconfig -a

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