Help setting up workgroups

  • Does pfsense support windows workgroups?  I am having issues with cif shares on all my machines after using pfsense ( I think).  None of my machines can see or connect to the other shares via cif.

    I have scanned every pfsense config page and I don't see where i get to specify a workgroup name. ( a complete novice). Any ideas?

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    pfsense has nothing to do with windows workgroups/domains or cifs other than firewalling traffic between segments.

    If you clients are all on the same lan and pfsense is the gateway - their traffic for smb/cifs share would not even touch the pfsense interface.

    Now if your clients are on different segments that pfsense routes between then yes you would have to allow for whatever services you want to use to be passed by the firewall.

    So more details of your setup would help us point you to where you problem is.

    edit: did you happen to point your clients to pfsense for dns, when you should be using your windows AD dns - if your running a domain, but you mention workgroups.  So is this a Active Directory domain or really just workgroup computers.

  • Workgroups have no relation to your firewall.

    edit:  what johnpoz said.

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