Multi wan (one PPTP link and one static WAN)

  • Hi friends

    I used pfsense for a muti lan multi wan scenario.
    We have two wans. One is static default gateway( It should be). The other is using a PPTP link from ISP.
    remote peer of ISP is not in the range of localip. So I added a static link to that remote ip to use the pptp wan port not the static route that is default gw along.

    When I connect via PPTP link it is established without any problem but kernel says (kernel: Loop detected on pptp0)
    ping to remote ip fails.

    I appreciate if any one tell what is the implementation problem of establishing PPTP connection. Any one knows why ? And is it possible to fix it?
    Any successful PPTP wan implementation?

    Thank you n advance

  • Hi
    After some investigations on traffic I think it PPTP link does not correctly work. it become connected but does not encapsulate packets to remote gate way in GRE packets. It shows that some loop in kernel prevent it from working. I appreciate any one describing me why and giving me any solution.


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