Limit Bandwidth Traffic

  • Hola,

    I want know if it is possible to limit the traffic of the applications p2p. I explain:

    In my net I have the following configuration:

    • LAN
    • WAN
    • OPT2 (WAN2)

    I have the configure PFSENSE in order that the whole traffic with exit to Internet goes out for WAN, except the traffic directed the port 80 (http) and other one that is directed to WAN2

    Now I want configure the traffic goes to WAN limit the bandwidth that the computers can use, I want to prevent an alone machine from could to monopolize the whole available bandwidth in WAN,

    then is that of the net WAN every machine could use as maximum 500kb of download and 75 kb of upload: ALONE THE TRAFFIC DIRECTED WAN,


  • Please search the forum. These questions have been already discussed (limitations and concept of the pfSense traffic shaper).

  • You can direct all of one type of traffic out one interface using firewall use.  You may also search policy based routing to find this.  Its included in the load balancing docs.  For the other, there is no official way to multi-wan traffic shape

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