Which kernel? - new HD install i386 single core?

  • Sorry if this has been answered.  I dl'd the "latest" .iso from Server Gurus mirror.  At the custom kernel selection I only have three choices: 1.SMP 2.Embedded 3.Developer's.  I chose 3.Developer's but not sure if this adds some things I might not want in a production machine.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    SMP kernel is the safe default now.

    There hasn't been a UP kernel on 2.0 in years (the Uniprocessor kernel also included SMP and nobody noticed the difference :-)

  • Thanks.  Obviously, it's unclear for newbs at the installer whether SMP is safe for UP but now I'm unsure if that merits a bug report or not.  Also, since I have the dev kernel already and a cloned backup, is it safe for regular use?  My machine isn't for a super critical operation but it's nice to not have to worry about something else.  So far I only notice some extra messages at the vga output.  I have no idea what they mean.

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    I would not run on the Dev kernel in production.

    Aside from being slower due to increased debugging, it is also more likely to panic if it gets into a situation it doesn't like for any touchy little reason.

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