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  • I'm just trying to download this to give it a try but I have no idea which version I should download. I saw the page which allegedly explains the differences between versions but it fails to actually mention most of the different choices.

    Can someone just point me to what the newest version is? I've got it narrowed down to one of these 9 versions.


    Best I can figure is that the 1,2,3g and 512mb indicates how much ram the computer I'm using has? Although I really don't get why that needs separate versions. Does this mean upgrading the computer after it's built is a bad idea? I also can't figure out why each version has a vga option? Do the none vga ones mean it can only be accessed remotely?

    I was under the impression from the guides that the best choice was the memstick version as it can be used to install pfsense onto a hard drive as well as simply tested, but if that's the case which of the 8 versions is it installing?

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