I can not open Routers aftre setup pfsense

  • **i used pfsense for multi wan
    i have 2 router
    after i finished setup and working i can not open any Router by writing  ip in adress
    if i write ip adress and press inter see these message

    The connection has timed out
    The server at is taking too long to respond.**

  • Do you have one wan interface with these two routers?

    What rules did you applied on lan to use gateway balance?

  • Not enough info to tell you for sure. Where are the routers? My first guess is you need a rule to allow access without forcing that IP to a specific gateway via firewall rules to negate your policy routing.

  • i have 2 wan and 1 lan
    router (1 ) - wan1
    router ( 2 ) - wan 2

    i closed firewall in both of my router

  • Then you need the rule I mentioned by negate the policy routing for the modem IPs, you're forcing traffic to the modems out the gateway group.

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