PFSense 2.0.1 CARP - DHCP and NAT don't work properly.

  • Dear Forum,

    We are new to pfsense, but have extensive networking knowledge. So far, we like the pfsense a lot. However when setting up a test CARP cluster with two machines, dedicated LAN, WAN, and SYNC interfaces, as described in the tutorials.  The CARP Cluster works fine and so do all the syncs. We set it to sync pretty much everything.  :)

    However, we cannot get the DHCP and NAT to work properly.  ;)
    1] With DHCP, we always get both servers in "recovery" mode, as described by many in the forum here, from: "recovery to startup" and then after 15 seconds back to "startup to recovery". Both server's dhcpd.conf files mention "dhcp0" as secondary. Even after trying to set "left" to primary, pfsense will always wet both the secondary again. In the DHCP settings on "left", we set the peer to "right" IP, then the automatic sync. sets the opposite for "right". Please help
    2] NAT Outbound, edited "Auto created rule for LAN to WAN", changed "Tranlation" from "Interface" to "WAN-CARP", but all outgoing requests to our test-webserver are still coming from "left"'s IP, not WAN-CARP. Please help.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I responded to the thread on 1. Easy to get that config wrong.

    As for 2, without seeing your exact list of outbound NAT rules it's impossible to speculate what isn't configured right there.

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