I want to install qmail how can i do that

  • Dear experts,

    I had checked this link, it says u need to first install ports system installed, how can i install this application.

    how can i install an application on pfsense , what is the method my pfsense version is 2.0

    Prashant Chauhan

  • You will need a virtual machine with freebsd8.1 install to create packages for pfsense

    The best way to do this is:

    • Download 8.1 freebsd iso

    • Install it on a virtual machine

    • Install ports ( portsnap fetch && portsnap extract)

    • Compile your package from ports

    • make && make install

    • Build package with 'make package'

    • Copy result compressed package file to a testing pfsense

    • Install package with pkg_add package_file.

    If what you want is an antispam system, take a look on postifx_forwarder package + mailscanner  ;)

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