Cannot connect with multi LAN Routing

  • I have two subnets / 24 and /8. 192 is this bulding and the 10 is in a seperate building. The buldings are connected via fiber optic so there is not need for VPN. I have a watchguard router on the 10 network and am switching from a watchguard router to Pfsense in this building. The routing works with the two watchguard routers. I can ping the 10 network from the 192 network. But I have not been successful using the pfsense box. The 10 network watchguard firewall has an external address of and the internal is / 8. I created a gateway to interface LAN and as gateway. Then I added a static route to network using Gateway that I just created on the interface LAN. No luck. I tried setting manual NAT and nothing. Tried adding firewall rules and nothing. The PFsense lan address is If my computer has that address for the gateway, nothing works. If I manually change my computer gateway to it works. So that tells me the watchguard on the other end is working but the PFsense is not telling my computer to go to when I ping the 10 network. Hope this makes sense. Thanks

  • what rules did you applied on pfsense?

    How many interfaces you configured WAN, LAN, OPT?

  • I have three Interfaces configured LAN, WAN, OPT. I do not have OPT connected yet but I plan to use that for a backup internet service and do grouping with the WAN. The only rules I have setup on the lan are the default LAN Net to everything rule.

  • how your setup looks like this?

    watchguard is connected to both networks, so how pfsense could route back?

    also check firewall -> nat -> outbound
    change to manual and remove all rules from there. –-- pfsense------???-- 
                          |                            |
                          |                            | big netmask)

  • 1 Watchguard is connected to both networks. I am removing one of them. I have this. Maybe I am mis understanding routing but I have:


    WAN: 72.X.X.X
    OPT: Not connected

    PFSense GW /8 GW:

    So I thought… / 24 <---> (The gateway to get to the 10)

    Watchguard <---> /8 (I know it's big and I will change once I get it working)

    I can ping from the PFsense box but not (1st address). I can also ping from computer but not 10.

    I do have a ton of rules when I changed to manual...I'll remove them all and see what happens.

    Thanks for your help so far. I'm sure it's something stupid I am doing

  • Go on system-> advanced -> firewall/NAT and check

    Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface

  • OK, I'll have to try it tomorrow morning. I currently have the PFsense firewall off and th eold watchguard on so we can do business throughout the day. Tomorrow morning I will change and test before start of business day and get back to you. Thanks again for your help

  • ok.

    You could use this setup also:

                                    |–-----pfsense-------- big netmask)

  • Checking the box "bypass fireall rules for traffic on same interface did it". Thanks again for your help.

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